SpinZone® Trade Show Edition

Are you hosting a booth at an upcoming convention or trade show? Looking for a way to increase traffic to your booth, stand out from the crowd, create a buzz, and generate leads? Contest Factory’s SpinZone® Trade Show Edition can deliver all of this to you and more! This exciting Instant Win Game tool for live events will draw people to your trade show booth and engage them with a fun and exciting game to win prizes and/or enter a Sweepstakes. It’s a great way to start conversations for networking on the trade show floor, to dramatically increase your lead generation numbers, and to make your booth the one everyone remembers at the end of the day.

Click on the below image to see a demo version of the SpinZone®. Although no prizes can be won in this demo, it does give a simulated example of how the USB detonator switch and SpinZone® Trade Show Edition work.



Past customers who’ve used SpinZone® Trade Show Edition have experienced a dramatic increase in generated leads compared to their previous events and other vendors in the show. We believe this is a unique and proven tool that surpasses all other in-booth marketing tactics for lead generation, brand marketing and making new contacts.

SpinZone® Trade Show Edition package is a turnkey product and includes:

  • Custom site design and backend architecture
  • Official rules & legal
  • Game administration & support
  • Viral DNA™ Analytics
  • Prize acquisition & fulfillment

All you will need at your trade show booth or event is:

  • Computer (pc, mac, laptop or tablet)
  • Internet connection (wired or wireless)
  • Display device (TV, laptop, tablet, mobile)

Your SpinZone® will be fully branded with your company’s look and feel and the messaging you want to convey, including custom sound effects, game icons and our special hand-held USB detonator switch that makes playing SpinZone® feel like they’ve stepped onto a TV game show or Las Vegas casino floor!

When SpinZone® is shown on a big screen display that everyone can see the crowds can grow quickly, and with real time winner announcements letting everyone feel that instant thrill of victory, your booth could become the talk of the show!

To learn more, contact us at: 855.774.6966 or engage@contestfactory.com, or setup a 20-minute complimentary consultation to discuss your upcoming event and to see a live demo.